William's Boys
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Get Ready Children (2012)
1.   Watch Between Us
2.   Teach Me Lord
3.   Redeemed
4.   Jesus
5.   Break Me
6.   Forever with the Lord
7.   Fly Like an Eagle
8.   Blessed
9.   Heal this Broken Heart
10. Get Ready Children

Eldorado (2001)
1.   Eldorado
2.   Love You More
3.   My Soul Cries Out (Is that the Lights of Home)
4.   (While I was Singing) Somebody Touched Me / I'll Fly Away
5.   There is Coming a Day (What a Day that Will Be)
6.   Keep My Eyes on Jesus
7.   Yo Soy El Camino (El Salvador)
8.   You're Right Here
9.   A Tribute to Brothers
10. The Family who Prays